Change of team but no change in ambition for Millwall’s Charlie Wynn

We’ve all had it, one time or another.  That realisation that the timetable has changed and now, despite your best efforts, you simply can’t attend the sessions you want.  For Charlie Wynn, two fights into his professional career, the problem arose.

“I was training at the Peacock where one of my old amateur coaches was working with the professionals” explains the undefeated super welterweight from Southwark.  “He was a really good fit, but when I returned after my last fight the training times had changed and I couldn’t fit them around my work schedule.”

Although a blow to a promising career, Wynn has landed on his feet.  A place at the IBox Gym, run by Al Smith and Eddie Lamb, was secured.  Not only a camp that is flourishing, with the likes of Bradley Skeete and Johnny Garton around Charlie’s weight class, but there is also an air of familiarity for the 28 year old.

“I’ve been in and around there from my amateur days.  Coaches of mine were relatives of Al Smith, who used to use some of the amateurs to train with his pros before I turned over.  It was good to finally end up there, plus it’s five minutes from where I live which is a bonus!  It feels right.”

The change is all in place for Wynn’s ring return on November 25th at York Hall on the Goodwin Promotions ‘Violent Engagement’ card.  With title belts and 50/50 matchups it promises to be an exciting show from top to bottom.  Given the atmosphere that can be generated at the ‘Home of Boxing’, it will be different to Wynn’s debut, a more sombre affair at the Hilton Hotel in Mayfair as part of a dinner show.

“Dinner shows are OK, they’re posh and very classy, but there’s no atmosphere.  I can have a few people down to York Hall and make a bit of noise” says Charlie.

The noise may well be growing for the Londoner.  Only recently he secured a sponsorship deal with the Millwall Supporters Club, whereby they will help promote him to the fans of the New Den team where Wynn already holds a season ticket.  It’s something that Wynn is buzzing about.

“It’s exciting; it’s great getting any sponsors, but when it’s your own people and something you care about then it’s even better, it’s massive to me.”

He shares his love of Millwall with fellow gym-mate Johnny Garton, a man who has blossomed at the IBox Gym, picking up the English welterweight title along the way.  Sharing the facilities with the likes of Garton and the British welterweight champion Bradley Skeete can presumably only enhance the career of Wynn?

“It’s perfect sparring to have them there” Wynn says.  “I’ve already benefited from having them around.  I’ve done a lot more rounds with Johnny at the minute as Brad has been helping Jack Catterall prepare up north as well as Liam Williams, so I’ve worked a lot with Johnny.  I’m sure I’ll get some rounds in with Bradley when he’s building up to a world title fight, so I’m just feeding off their experience.”

All that Charlie is adding at the IBox is supplementing a successful amateur career.  A Haringey Cup finalist, a finalist in the novice ABAs as well as a winner at a European Box Cup in Denmark, Wynn says himself that he was able to fine tune his abilities and learn from his mistakes away from the paid ranks.

“There are times I got caught with shots so would try and fire back immediately.  I boxed with injuries at times.  They’re all things that I know not to do now, or I’m working on.  That discipline of making weight, it all helps me now as a professional”

Wynn is realistic about what the next 12 months holds for him.  As with most boxers, his fighting spirit means that if it were up to him, he would “fight anyone, anywhere”.  However he is confident that his team will guide him correctly.

“I just want to take on board as much as I can, learn as much as I can with the new outfit I have and learn off of the senior professionals.  Fighting and winning is the aim of the game; I leave it to my team as to when I should be moving on to titles.  There’s no timescales, but when the opportunity comes and they think it’s right then I’ll take it.  I just want to go as far as I can.  But that’s why you have a team around you, to tell you when the time is right and the money’s right.  The money isn’t the forefront of my mind, but that’s why you have a Manager!”

It’s been a relatively long break from the ring for Charlie Wynn.  Last out in February, it will be a nine month gap when he returns on November 25th.  The patience could pay dividends though, as he looks to implement the teachings of Al Smith and Eddie Lamb.  Already such a well decorated amateur, the good habits have been carried forwards and the mistakes ironed out.  With the help of his team at the IBox, November 25th is Wynn’s chance to show the improvements.

Tickets are available to buy directly from Charlie at

This interview was written by Martin Theonald of New Age Boxing


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